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Practice Area Feature: Crisis Management in Sports and Entertainment

Sports and entertainment draws attention. People are interested in what athletes, entertainers, teams, and leagues are doing. Whether it is high profile litigation or something that happens on or off the field play, eyeballs are tuned in to see what will happen next. It is no longer television and periodicals reporting on the latest happenings, it is social media journalists scratching and clawing to break the news of the day and capture click after click.

When facing the spotlight of media coverage or taking swift action to correct or respond to an issue, athletes, entertainers, teams, and leagues need counsel who can provide a game plan and work with other professionals who will assist in providing the best possible approach. The Firm has substantial experience in handling crisis in many different forms. For example, the Firm has advised an NFL first round draft pick through an extortion attempt on the eve of the NFL Draft, professional athletes who have been arrested and involved in physical altercations, a professional sports franchise accused of damaging the career of an athlete in the handling of an injury, a sports labor organization after the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement and the possibility of a lockout, and many more. The Firm is here to help navigate complex and difficult circumstances.

Please check out our Crisis Management practice area.

For any questions, contact Christian Dennie at


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