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"We have a saying that everyone's role is different, but everyone's status is the same.  It's a reminder that no matter how bright the spotlight gets, we are all part of something much larger than ourselves."

    -- Jay Wright

College sports presents a unique set of legal issues and challenges.  The Firm provides two decades of experience counseling colleges and universities, coaches, administrators, and athletes through extensive and complex matters.  The Firm has a track record of success earned from working on major college campuses. 


NCAA Compliance and Infractions

NCAA member institutions, coaches, administrators, and student-athletes need effective and zealous representation when faced with potential infractions and investigations conducted by regulatory bodies. The Firm combines extensive litigation experience with the on-campus knowledge of NCAA compliance. Christian provides his extensive investigative experience to determine all of the facts and evidence that comprise each individual case and will work cooperatively with NCAA and conference representatives while advocating for the rights of the institution, administrators, coaches, and student-athletes. If an alleged violation is not supported, Christian will develop focused and persuasive arguments on behalf of its client through pinpointed evidence, zealous oral advocacy, and multimedia presentations. When an alleged violation is proven, Christian will help the institution to mitigate the consequences and identify ways to enhance its rules education and monitoring programs to ensure violations will not reoccur.


Christina has developed the “Champion” program to help an institution to adequately monitor athletics programs and maintain the integrity of the institution.  The “Champion” program provides direction for institutions to establish compliance guidelines in an effort to remain free of NCAA infractions and penalties.  The “Champion” program is as follows:


Complete Department Involvement

Have Documentation

Adhere to University, Conference, and NCAA Rules

Maintain Checks and Balances

Policies and Procedures

Institutional Control

Ongoing and Comprehensive Education

Never Forget to Ask


When the NCAA enforcement staff calls, the Firm will provide the legal assistance and investigative skills necessary to walk institutions, coaches, administrators, and student-athletes through the difficult process.  No investigation is too big or too small.


NCAA Compliance Reviews

The Firm reviews an institution’s current compliance program and develops a specific list of recommendations. This evaluation is based upon lengthy interviews with both athletics and non-athletics  staff and review of available information and policies.  The Firm reviews, among other things, benefits and awards (Bylaw 16), amateurism (Bylaw 12), eligibility (Bylaw 14), financial aid (Bylaw 15), practice and playing seasons (Bylaw 17), recruiting (Bylaw 13), and others. The areas to be reviewed are chosen by the institution.


The Firm has extensive investigative experience. The Firm has led investigations into matters including, NCAA infractions, Title IX, player misconduct, coach misconduct, violations of internal policies, and many other areas.  The Firm works industriously to limit exposure and provide recommendations to improve practices moving forward so issues and infractions do not arise again. 

Drug Testing and Anti-Doping

The Firm has extensive experience working with college athletes and advising colleges and universities regarding drug testing and anti-doping.  The Firm has been successful in obtaining complete exoneration of all anti-doping findings and reductions of suspensions under NCAA policies and procedures. 


The following are examples of services previously provided (results may vary), but this is not an exhaustive list of prior representation:

NCAA Compliance and Reviews

  • Represented colleges and universities, coaches, administrators, and athletes in NCAA infractions investigations.

  • Appeared before the NCAA Committee on Infractions and NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee.

  • Monitored Drafted and advised colleges and universities and athletes on numerous waivers.

  • Conducted NCAA compliance reviews and audits. 


Drug Testing/Anti-Doping

  • Represented athletes in drug test appeals relating to the alleged ingestion of performance enhancing substances before various administrative and governing bodies and tribunals.

  • Drafted an institutional drug testing policy to be administered to university athletes and provided education to university athletes on banned and prohibited substances.

  • Monitored and oversaw the drug testing policy for a university and provided education to athletes on performance enhancing drugs, banned substances, and testing procedures.



  • Represented institutions, coaches, student-athletes, and boosters throughout the country in a variety of NCAA investigations relating to eligibility, amateurism, gambling, financial aid, recruiting, and other NCAA legislation.

  • Conducted independent investigations on behalf of Division I institutions regarding the alleged improper treatment and harassment of student-athletes by members of the coaching staff.

  • Represented college coaches in investigations conducted by the institution relating to alleged violations of Title IX and cleared the coach of any wrongdoing.

  • Represented college coaches in alleged internal policy violations, sexual harassment and misconduct, harassment, Title IX violations, and player treatment matters.

  • Conducted investigations for fraud, embezzlement, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment, and construction fatalities in the construction industry, secondary private schools, and religious organizations.

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