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"The unfortunate need people who will be kind to them; the prosperous need people to be kind to."


The Firm provides dedicated nonprofit legal services tailored specifically for individuals, businesses, athletes, coaches, and sports organizations aspiring to establish their own charities or private foundations, helping them to empower their passion for positive change. At the intersection of sportsmanship and philanthropy, the Firm understands the unique aspirations individuals, businesses, athletes, coaches, and sports organizations have to make a lasting impact beyond the field of play.

The Firm guides clients through the process of establishing their nonprofit entities, whether public charities or private foundations, ensuring compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Once the entity is properly formed, the Firm will help establish a governance framework for the charitable organization that aligns with its values, mission, and stated charitable purposes and will provide governance documents and policies and procedures to ensure the charity operates within that framework. The Firm will also work diligently to secure federal and state tax-exempt status for the charitable organization. 

In addition to these services, the Firm is able to provide advice and guidance as other needs arise throughout the life of the charitable organization. The Firm’s goal is to embolden athletes, coaches, and sports organizations to turn their passion for helping others into a powerful force for good in their communities.


The following are examples of services previously provided (results may vary), but this is not an exhaustive list of prior representation:

  • Formation of nonprofit corporations.

  • Preparation and reviews of governance documents, including bylaws and policies and procedures.

  • Obtaining federal and state tax-exemptions.

  • Conducting board meetings and facilitating recordkeeping.

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and filing annual reports.

  • Providing guidance regarding state charitable solicitation registration requirements.

  • Structuring brand partnership agreements to ensure charity receives financial benefits without creating unrelated business taxable income.


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