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"Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement."

    --  Matt Biondi 

The Firm has broad experience in sports and entertainment including experience in the locker room as a Division I athlete and as an administrator at two major Power 5 universities.  This experience helps navigate and discover information when investigating a litany of matters and disputes including coach-athlete disputes and player treatment issues, internal affairs and employment matters, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, fatalities, fraud, extortion, Title IX, and a host of other investigative matters and issues, audits, and reviews.  Having inside knowledge of the processes and systems used in sports and entertainment gives the Firm a unique perspective that has been gained not only from being an athlete and an athletics administrator, but a history of representing leagues, sports organizations, teams, clubs, franchises, athletes, and coaches.  This breadth of experience gives the Firm the skills, training, and experience to conduct thorough and detailed investigations.  


The following are examples of services previously provided (results may vary), but this is not an exhaustive list of prior representation:

  • Conducted an audit of a major Power 5 universities athletic policies and procedures.

  • Conducted multiple investigations relating to coach-athlete disputes and player treatment issues including physical altercations between coach and athlete.

  • Conducted investigation of Title IX issues involved in a Power 5 volleyball program.

  • Conducted sexual harassment and sexual misconduct investigation in a professional sports organization.


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