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"Don’t worry about being successful, but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow."

Oprah Winfrey

Many former (and sometimes current) college and professional athletes turn to entrepreneurship after their playing careers conclude.  Entrepreneurship is an obvious career choice for athletes, because there are so many similarities between sports and starting and running a business. Athletes work long hours honing their skills, fight through setbacks and injuries, compete with different personalities and backgrounds, and (last but not least) perform in competition.  Similarly, entrepreneurs work feverishly and industriously to launch their businesses and sometimes just to stay afloat, overcome numerous issues and obstacles, work with people with diverging thoughts, interests, and ideas, and compete to make their companies viable and relevant in the marketplace.


The Firm speaks the language athletes are used to hearing and understands the perspective of the athlete and the entrepreneur.  The Firm often serves as outside general counsel and a trusted legal advisor to current and former athletes turned entrepreneurs.  The Firm has created legal entities, drafted contracts and agreements, purchased real estate, and a litigated a litany of issues and matters.  The Firm provides specialized expertise to assist current and former athletes work towards their next goal and analyze risks associated with becoming a success in business. 


The following are examples of services previously provided (results may vary), but this is not an exhaustive list of prior representation:

  • Serve as outside general counsel for a former athlete turned entrepreneur who has holdings in sports, real estate, medical, industrial, and other areas of business. 

  • Serve as outside general counsel for a former athlete turned entrepreneur who owns a construction firm. 

  • Advised athletes, both current and former, on real estate and other investments including in litigation. 


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