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"Throw a stone into the stream and the ripples that propagate themselves are the beautiful type of all influence."

     --  Ralph Waldo Emerson

For ov
er ten (10) years, Christian Dennie pondered, discussed, thought about, and planned to launch a non-profit charitable organization to help those in need and work in the community.  Frankly,  life, professional obligations, and raising two (2) active children put the founding of the Leadoff Project on hold.  In early 2022, Christian, his wife Ginger, a youth director at Fellowship United Methodist Church in Trophy Club, Texas, and their children, Jackson and Lillie Grace, decided it was time to move forward with creating the Leadoff Project.

The word Leadoff is defined as "a beginning or leading action."  Leadoff Project is a nonprofit corporation created to help people and the community
Leadoff and take steps forward.  Leadoff Project's mission is to create and support programs and activities that will develop sustainable initiatives in the community.  Leadoff Project works to promote positive behavior and decisions that will help develop leaders in the community.

The Leadoff Project moved quickly to establish itself as an organization that is on the forefront of growing and developing strong relationships in the community.  The Leadoff Project has delivered pizzas to the homeless in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth, organized and run a golf tournament to  raise money for a family who suddenly lost their husband/father, and many other charitable activities.  
Leadoff Project has the following initiatives: 1) engage in programs to help underprivileged, homeless, and others in need of assistance; 2) develop scholarship and other educational programs and develop mentorship programs; 3) provide assistance for children and the underprivileged to engage in programs and events; and 4) develop community initiatives to raise awareness for programs.  The Leadoff Project will continue to develop initiatives and programs that will help those in need and provide opportunities for growth.  The sky is the limit.
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