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"Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly."

    --  Shaquille O'Neal

Name, Image, and Likeness a/k/a NIL is one of the most commonly used phrases in the business of sports. NIL involves the use of names, nicknames, likenesses, portraits, performances, biographical data, distinctive marks, distinctive voices, and phrases for commercial gain and compensation.  Most NIL agreements are akin to sponsorship agreements and influencer agreements.  The Firm has a long history of working with athletes and entertainers, sponsors, teams and leagues, and colleges and universities in drafting and negotiating associated sponsorship agreements.  NIL added the extra wrinkle of state and university legislation as well as NCAA policies.  The Firm has been at the forefront of NIL and has worked with sponsors, collectives, athletes, and colleges and universities.  The Firm has helped develop NIL training courses and reviewed and drafted numerous agreements involving NIL.  


The following are examples of services previously provided (results may vary), but this is not an exhaustive list of prior representation:

  • Drafted and negotiated NIL sponsorship agreements.  

  • Organized and created collectives and associated entity documents and contracts. 

  • Created and helped develop NIL training courses.  

  • Advised colleges and universities on NIL legislation and associated NCAA policies. 

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