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Thunder Dan Majerle v. Grand Canyon University: Dispute Over Termination

Former Phoenix Suns legend and now former Grand Canyon University (“GCU”) head men’s basketball coach, Thunder Dan Majerle has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against GCU relating to the termination of his employment. Majerle’s contract ran through the 2022-23 season. After Majerle’s first losing season at GCU, on March 12, 2020, the day the WAC tournament was cancelled, Majerle was terminated. Majerle indicated that he was terminated via phone conference with GCU’s interim athletics director and was told GCU was moving in another direction. During that call, Majerle’s lawsuit indicated he was not informed that he was terminated for cause and, thus, he is entitled to the amount of his buyout (and other damages) as set forth in his agreement. In his lawsuit, Majerle asserted that GCU informed him that it would not pay the buyout provision of his contract, which was a calculation based on his salary and other benefits.

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