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The NCAA Committee on Infractions Has Spoken: Young Harris College (Division II)

The NCAA Division II Committee on Infractions (“Committee” or “Panel”) recently released its findings and found that the Young Harris College (“YHC” or “Institution”) committed violations of NCAA legislation. This case centered on the actions of two athletics representatives (boosters), who made an impermissible tuition payment for a student-athlete at YHC. The Committee considered this case through the cooperative summary disposition process, in which all parties agreed to the primary facts and violation as fully set forth in the summary disposition report (“SDR”). Because YHC agreed to the violation and proposed penalties, it has no opportunity to appeal.

The Committee found that YHC committed the following violations of NCAA legislation:

Violations of NCAA Division II Manual Bylaw (2016-17)

YHC and the NCAA enforcement staff agreed that on June 28, 2017, the boosters provided an impermissible benefit in the form of a tuition payment to the student-athlete. The approximate value of the impermissible benefit was $3,737.00. The student-athlete quit the women's basketball team in February 2017, and subsequently joined the women's lacrosse team in April 2017. The boosters made the tuition payment despite the student-athlete indicating she planned on joining the women's lacrosse team. The student-athlete did not compete and did not receive actual and necessary expenses while ineligible.

As a result of the aforementioned violations, the Committee penalized YHC as follows:

1. Public reprimand and censure.

2. Disassociation of the boosters for a period of three (3) years commencing October 25, 2017. During the period of disassociation, the institution shall (a) refrain from accepting from the boosters any financial assistance for the institution's athletics department and its programs; (b) refrain from providing any benefit to the boosters, including attendance at any athletics events and the use of any athletics department facilities such as the institution's recreation center and weight room; and (c) prohibit any contact or association between the boosters and any prospective or enrolled YHC student-athlete.

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