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Randolph v. Notre Dame

Douglas Randolph, a former Notre Dame football student-athlete, filed suit against Notre Dame claiming Notre Dame concealed the results of a spinal scan. According to the suit, Randolph played the entire 2015 football season with damage to his spine. Randolph alleges that he received a hit in practice that caused numbness in his upper extremities. He indicated that he informed a Notre Dame trainer of the injury and his concerns were disregarded by the trainer. The symptoms continued. Subsequently, Randolph had an MRI where the results were not revealed to him and he was told he could continue to play. At the conclusion of the 2015 season, Randolph met with doctors who instructed him to no longer play football due to spinal stenosis. Randolph claims that Notre Dame is negligent for failing to inform him of the severity of his injury and allowing him to compete while knowing he was injured.

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