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The Coaching Carousel Begins

College football coaching jobs are opening right and left with some of the top programs in the country searching for new coaches. The lawyers' role in today's coaching searches has certainly grown in recent years. Lawyers are preparing clients for open jobs by creating marketing materials, working the phone lines, and providing coaches with information on institutions, involved individuals, and the locale of the institutions. Then, if the coach is selected for and accepts the job, the lawyer is asked to negotiate the terms of agreement. Coaching contracts have grown from handshake deals to extensive documents that require knowledge of contract law, tax law, intercollegiate athletics, NCAA and conference rules, and a plethora of other matters and areas of law. In 2008, I drafted "There Are No Handshake Deals in College Coaching Contracts," which is an article that discusses the major topics addressed in coaching contracts including compensation, termination provisions, due process provisions, and other considerations. This article provides a good overview of the matters to consider when negotiating a college coaching contract.

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