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McAdoo v. UNC (again): Sues for Failing to Provide a Quality Education

Following Kenneth Wainstein’s report on classes offered by the Afro-American Studies department at the University of North Carolina (“UNC”), former football student-athlete Michael McAdoo (“McAdoo”) filed suit alleging that UNC failed to provide a quality education. McAdoo previously sued UNC and the NCAA for failing to reinstate him to play on the football team following the NCAA academic fraud investigation. McAdoo claims, during recruitment, UNC football coaches guaranteed he would be provided a good education. Specifically, McAdoo stated UNC coaches “enticed these football student-athletes to sign the agreements with promises of a legitimate UNC education.” Further, McAdoo claims he was funneled to a specific major because it worked with his football team responsibilities. McAdoo seeks to certify a class of more than 3,100 students and student-athletes who took part in fraudulent classes.

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